Differentiating a Welcome Bonus and a Reload Bonus

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When you look for gambling sites to play on it would be common find every casino you check out to display a huge banner or ad saying they offer a huge amount for a welcome bonus. That might seem to be the trend today in the internet gambling world. Other than the welcome bonus you should also check the reload bonus being offered by an online casino.

Welcome bonuses are very easy to understand since you can figure out what it is by its name. This is also known as a sign up bonus. Obviously this is given to every new player that signs up on a gambling site. A welcome bonus is the most common online bonus you’ll find among online casinos.

You can bet that the range of amounts for welcome bonuses will differ from one casino to the other. There online casinos that offer modest amounts for a welcome bonus while there are also those that give out a really huge amount. After looking around a while, you’ll notice that the average welcome bonus amounts to around 100 dollars.

The welcome bonus usually covers your initial deposit but you can be sure to find an online casino that will also cover other later deposits you’ll make. This is a neat kind of welcome bonus when you find an online casino that offers one.

Your welcome bonus may either be a percentage bonus or a match bonus depending on the online casino you’re at. If the welcome bonus turns out to be a match bonus then you’re initial deposit will be doubled. Of course, a match bonus will usually have a ceiling amount. Most online casinos will give you a match bonus with a maximum of $100 as free money. A percentage bonus is like a match bonus only that the amount is only a fraction of your initial deposit.

Another bonus every player should also investigate is an online casino’s reload bonus. This should become just as important as the welcome bonus. A reload bonus and a welcome bonus will usually work just the same way.

Instead of applying to your initial deposit, a reload bonus will apply to the amount of money you deposit later after being a customer of that casino. The terms for a reload bonus will usually be the same for that of a welcome bonus. But you should also expect a reload bonus to have better wager requirements and terms.

Everyone should check both the welcome bonus and the reload bonus. These two online casino bonuses work just the same and both give you the opportunity to play more games online.

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