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The American imagination is as big as the prairies are wide. To the fertile mix, add boundless supplies of dollars, and no wonder the Americans were able to create the biggest draw for gamblers in the entire world, the neon city of Las Vegas.

What’s interesting historically is whether these gambling palaces will survive.

Will they all be knocked down to make new ones? Will some be preserved as national treasures (like the Empire State building)? Will time and the decay of civilizations destroy them?

From the past, we have only the ruins of temples; the permanence of stone has outlived cults and beliefs, and human cultures have perished in the dust.

The acceptance of gambling is also likely to move in cycles. A new kind of government might decide that casinos should be written out of the script for the future.

In fact, the future is already here, under our noses. Take the Internet. The majority of the population of the planet knows nothing about it. Millions of people are not likely to own a computer, or even set up a connection, for decades.

In the past, it was always necessary to go places to find a casino in which to gamble. You could place a bet by phone but that was the nearest you could get to remote gambling.

As more and more of the world’s population go online, the future is opening up to undreamt of possibilities.

For the first time, someone with a desire to play the great casino games no longer needs to step out of the house, and drive to the nearest casino. In fact, he or she need no longer even get up from a chair they happen to be sitting on.

As long as the computer is within arm’s reach, someone with an Internet connection can now connect to Las Vegas online.

Gambling in cyberspace is reality and it’s here to stay.

As Internet gambling has grown to meet demand, so the size of winnings has dramatically increased. Just as the lucky player in Las Vegas can win big with one spin of the slot reels, so now can someone go online and win a jackpot with a couple of mouse clicks.

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