Know More About European Roulette



European roulette is one of the many forms of roulette games available in casinos around the world. Winning this game depends on chance and it is played using betting grids and roulette wheels. To start the game the wheel is spun in one direction while a ball is tossed in the other direction. Players are required to gamble on the pockets the ball will land in. In this version of the game, there are 37 pockets. There is one zero on the wheel and the rest of the pockets are numbered from one to 36. The numbers are either black or red but the zero is green. One of the differences between this game and the American version is that the American one has 38 pockets because it also has a double zero. The fact that the wheel has one less pocket is already an advantage for you and this is why this version has become popular.

Winning at European roulette all depends on your luck but there are certain strategies that you can apply to increase your odds. To take part in this game, you need to place a single bet or several bets on certain areas of the table. The area you place the bets on should correspond to the pocket you think the ball will land in. If it is an online game, all you have to do is click on a particular part of the table.

When you are playing European roulette, you can increase your odds by taking advantage of the surrender option. This option refers to outside bets. If the ball lands on the zero pocket, you only lose half of the amount you had put in as a bet. This affects the house winnings and works to your advantage. Choose a table that allows players to enjoy the surrender rule because it will reduce the amount of money you lose.

Before you take part in this type of game, you need to know that tables are different. The maximum and minimum bets vary from one table to another. This means that you will not be allowed to bet less or more than the set amounts. The main types of bets in the European version are inside and outside bets. The inside bets include straight, split, street, corner and sixline bet. The outside bets include group, column, black/red, odd/even and high/low bets.

Another strategy that you should take advantage of is the Prison rule. According to this rule, if the ball lands on the zero once you have placed your bet, you do not automatically lose the money. The bet stays and the wheel is spun again to determine the fate of your bet. If the bet wins, you get your money back but it loses, you do not get anything. When it comes to this game, you should always look for rules that favor you as a player.

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